This weird crater on the moon is being described as an ‘alien city’

An infamous UFO hunter has claimed that an alien city has been built inside a crater on the moon.

Scott C. Waring said a weird reflective material seen at the centre of Reiner Crater was created by extraterrestrials.

He wrote: ‘At the centre of the city is a glowing orb. The city is made of massive black tunnels the move in every direction but they vary in size from 2km wide to a few hundred metres wide.

‘Below this mass of black structures is more of the city, which is sealed underground. Ever hear the story of Atlantis and how at the centre of the city was a great diamond which was the power source for the entire culture? Perhaps Atlantis never sank, but instead flew to another planet, where we see it now.’

Of course, just because the crater is gleaming, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s an extraterrestrial settlement.

Asteroids are known to contain all sorts of gleaming materials including metals or even diamonds, so we could be looking at the remnants of an object that smashed into the moon.

Nasa spotted a huge crater on Mars and named it the ‘Chryse Alien Head’, it emerged recently.

The space agency said the hole ‘resembled a bug-eyed head’ and was spotted by the Mars Global Surveyor in an area ‘not too far’ from the site where the Viking 1 probe landed on 1975.

It was probably caused by an asteroid impact, but the eyes may have formed during a mysterious flood way back in the history of Mars or been carved by wind or water erosion.

The Huge Underground Reptilian City found In Los Angeles

In Los Angeles USA a mining engineer named Warren Shufelt was inspecting the area for oil gold and other valuable materials using a new device that he himself had invented.

Shufelt was extremely puzzled one day, as he took readings near downtown Los Angeles. His instruments showed him what appeared to be a pattern of underground tunnels, so he proceeded to draw a map what he discovered. It appeared to be a well-planned subterranean labyrinth with large rooms located at several points gold deposits inside chambers and corridors.

Some of the tunnels traveled 30 kilometres underground, which he believed were only used for ventilation. Unfortunately, Shufelt had no idea that they were connected to the oldest ruins of an even larger city that was covered by the Pacific Ocean thousands of years ago during a great earthquake and subsequent floods the underground complex.

“I paused to read every word Now this was an awesome video. It helps make sense of so many things, Sylvia’s newearth channel, the Phoenix Lights visit to the Hopi, the google earth images of catacomb-like sructured off the Socal coast, the archeological evidence of sulfur fires from the sky at the Sodom Gamorrah and related sites. There clearly was a worldwide advanced civilization here in recent centuries or millennia.”

“What a trip. I have lived in the Los Angeles area all my life and have never heard that story before. Maybe someone will get interested discovering them someday. My hunch is that if the exploration shafts were filled in by the city they found something they didn’t like or scared them; enough to fill them in. I wonder what it was? Perhaps the Reptilians that are still living under our planet today made an appearance to to the city government and demanded that they stop all of their explorations or there would be retribution and payment for this act. That must have scarred the sh–t out of them.”