This weird crater on the moon is being described as an ‘alien city’

An infamous UFO hunter has claimed that an alien city has been built inside a crater on the moon.

Scott C. Waring said a weird reflective material seen at the centre of Reiner Crater was created by extraterrestrials.

He wrote: ‘At the centre of the city is a glowing orb. The city is made of massive black tunnels the move in every direction but they vary in size from 2km wide to a few hundred metres wide.

‘Below this mass of black structures is more of the city, which is sealed underground. Ever hear the story of Atlantis and how at the centre of the city was a great diamond which was the power source for the entire culture? Perhaps Atlantis never sank, but instead flew to another planet, where we see it now.’

Of course, just because the crater is gleaming, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s an extraterrestrial settlement.

Asteroids are known to contain all sorts of gleaming materials including metals or even diamonds, so we could be looking at the remnants of an object that smashed into the moon.

Nasa spotted a huge crater on Mars and named it the ‘Chryse Alien Head’, it emerged recently.

The space agency said the hole ‘resembled a bug-eyed head’ and was spotted by the Mars Global Surveyor in an area ‘not too far’ from the site where the Viking 1 probe landed on 1975.

It was probably caused by an asteroid impact, but the eyes may have formed during a mysterious flood way back in the history of Mars or been carved by wind or water erosion.

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One Reply to “This weird crater on the moon is being described as an ‘alien city’”

  1. i am so sick and tired of these retarded writers! they take a picture with obvious shapes and pathways that a asteroid can not create. i have real clementine mission photography showing close clear cities on the back of the moon. these buildings are in color and are huge buildings. one is shaped like an old man wearing an old flying disc is placed on top of the structure as a HAT! buildings with people not wearing space suits. it makes me sad that you can shove proof up someone’s nose and they still won’t smell it. they would trade knowing something incredible for the false feeling of being more sane than the person who actually has real knowledge. and people ask why they don’t just come land and show themselves. it is obvious a lot of retards out their will do things like throw rocks at them and their craft to see if it is solid. it is you people who are so stupid you have your gods floating 40 feet over your head and you call them ghosts hahaha.. cloaked machines, 100% technological.

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