The Vinca statues, proof of extraterrestrial contact? (Video)

The vinca statues seem to confirm that the ancient peoples were visited by extraterrestrials.

Almost all ancient cultures have unearthed enough evidence that has been studied by archaeologists and historians. Here is a recurring and incredible theme. Each of these ancient civilizations reveals artifacts, texts and monuments that seem to indicate interaction with extraterrestrial beings.

An example of this is the Vinca civilization that existed around 7000 BC and spread through several European countries, between the Balkans and northern Greece.

The people of the Vinca were highly advanced for the age in which they lived. Archaeologists have deduced that they developed a syllabic-alphabetic language and a linear writing system. This is incredible considering that they managed to reach this mark of a highly evolved society thousands of years before the great ancient civilizations of the Euphrates and ancient Egypt. In fact, for many experts on the subject, they are a complete historical anomaly.

Recently, archaeologists investigating the mysterious ancient society have carried out extensive excavations of the land in the shadow of the Serbian city of Belgrade to find out more about the people of the Vinca. To their surprise, they discovered no less than two thousand highly unusual figurines that are completely distinct from the art of neighboring cultures in the region.

These statues have triangular faces in the form of slanted eyes and very light mouth and nose. Some of the figurines almost seem to resemble animals such as grasshoppers and some represent hybrid humanoids that appear to be half human and half reptilian.

The appearance of these figures is something really surprising. Many representations of the extraterrestrials in ancient literature and art refer to the same oval-shaped heads, huge almond eyes with dark pupils and small noses and mouths.

The heads of the statues of the Vinca are also considerably out of proportion to the slight proportions of the body. Once again, it is a common descriptive study in ancient texts that describes “gods” that descended from the heavens.

The appearance of these highly revealing figures in conjunction with the remarkable advancement of the Vinca society has suggested that some people that these very old people may well have been in contact with extraterrestrial beings.

If the story of the interaction of Vinca people with these foreigners is similar to other cultures around the world, then it is likely that they worshiped these extraterrestrials as gods.

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