The Vinca statues, proof of extraterrestrial contact? (Video)

The vinca statues seem to confirm that the ancient peoples were visited by extraterrestrials.

Almost all ancient cultures have unearthed enough evidence that has been studied by archaeologists and historians. Here is a recurring and incredible theme. Each of these ancient civilizations reveals artifacts, texts and monuments that seem to indicate interaction with extraterrestrial beings.

An example of this is the Vinca civilization that existed around 7000 BC and spread through several European countries, between the Balkans and northern Greece.

The people of the Vinca were highly advanced for the age in which they lived. Archaeologists have deduced that they developed a syllabic-alphabetic language and a linear writing system. This is incredible considering that they managed to reach this mark of a highly evolved society thousands of years before the great ancient civilizations of the Euphrates and ancient Egypt. In fact, for many experts on the subject, they are a complete historical anomaly.

Recently, archaeologists investigating the mysterious ancient society have carried out extensive excavations of the land in the shadow of the Serbian city of Belgrade to find out more about the people of the Vinca. To their surprise, they discovered no less than two thousand highly unusual figurines that are completely distinct from the art of neighboring cultures in the region.

These statues have triangular faces in the form of slanted eyes and very light mouth and nose. Some of the figurines almost seem to resemble animals such as grasshoppers and some represent hybrid humanoids that appear to be half human and half reptilian.

The appearance of these figures is something really surprising. Many representations of the extraterrestrials in ancient literature and art refer to the same oval-shaped heads, huge almond eyes with dark pupils and small noses and mouths.

The heads of the statues of the Vinca are also considerably out of proportion to the slight proportions of the body. Once again, it is a common descriptive study in ancient texts that describes “gods” that descended from the heavens.

The appearance of these highly revealing figures in conjunction with the remarkable advancement of the Vinca society has suggested that some people that these very old people may well have been in contact with extraterrestrial beings.

If the story of the interaction of Vinca people with these foreigners is similar to other cultures around the world, then it is likely that they worshiped these extraterrestrials as gods.

NAZCA TOMB: Latest tests on ‘alien mummies’ found in Peru say they are ‘NOT human’

SCIENTISTS continue to claim mysterious three-fingered, alien-like mummies are not like modern humans and could be extraterrestrials or an undiscovered ancient race. Despite earlier tests suggesting the bizarre corpses did have human DNA, scientists linked to the research team that announced the discovery last June, maintain they have found significant differences.

Russian geneticists have found that Maria is a “humanoid being, meaning she has 23 chromosomes like us”.

But experts carrying out new tests in St Petersburg have uncovered some strange differences besides the three-fingered hands and toes, reports Sputnik.

Around six mummies if varying sizes were said to be found in a tomb near the Nazca lines in Peru.

They found the rib structure of the largest, now called Maria, is different to humans’ as it is keel-shaped in the upper part and the cage consists of semicircular ribs.

Another tiny skeleton of a creature aged around nine months, thought to be Maria’s daughter, was found nearby and named Vavita.

Professor Konstantin Korotkov, from the Russian National Research University, claimed to have seen four other male mummies called “Verdants” from colleagues in Peru which could date back as far as 6,500 years based on one carbon dating analysis.

The skeletons have three fingers, elongated skulls, missing nasal cavities and lower jaws which are “not flexible,” he said.

NAZCA TOMB: The mummies are said to have been found in a cave in Peru.

Prof Korotkov said: “Each of the little mummies has two arms, two legs, a head, a pair of eyes and a mouth.

“Tomographic scans reveal their skeletons.

“The tissue has biological nature and their chemical composition indicates that they are humans.

“Their DNA features 23 pairs of chromosomes, just like we have.

“All the four of them are males, each with a Y-chromosome.

“They appear human but they are not.

“Their anatomic structure is different.”

Scientists have also found that the white powder the mysterious civilisation used to mummify the dead is called cadmium chloride.

Prof Korotkov also said that it was interesting that “three-fingered” creatures appear on ancient rock drawings along the Nazca Lines in Peru near where the mummies were found.

“They (the male Verdant mummies) could be extraterrestrials or bio robots,” the professor said.

“As for the 70cm creatures I’m not sure, but Maria and Vavita could have been representatives of a certain race which had possibly reached a stage of advancement much earlier than we did.

“Maybe thousands of years earlier.”

Conspiracy theory website has featured videos suggesting the discovery could be a being closely related to humans and still from outer space.

However, sceptics have pointed out that earlier tests revealed the mummies did have human DNA and that Dr Korotkov is closely linked to which is promoting the investigation.

He is described as an expert in alternative medicine and also claims to have photographed a soul leaving a human body, so is no stranger to outlandish claims.

Many ufologists believe the films are promoting a massive hoax.

Nigel Watson, author of the UFO Investigations Manual said they were “hoaxes using real human remains.” has asked for details about where the so-called alien mummies were discovered.

We asked for the location, who found them, whether it was part on an official dig, and if there were any pictures of the discovery.

But failed to answer.

However, footage in a subsequent video shows what appears to be the entrance to the tomb and mummified remains buried in there, at an undisclosed location.

Genuine scientists believe they have been created to look like aliens using the “grave-robbed” mummified remains of anciently-buried humans.

The organisers of the ninth annual World Congress on Mummy Studies, which took place in Lima, Peru, in August 2016, issued an angry call on Facebook for an official inquiry into whether archaeological crimes have been committed.

The congress brings together world experts in mummies and skeletons in a new location each year.

Under the heading ‘The Fraud of Extraterrestrial Mummies’, translated from Spanish, the congress said it believed real human mummified remains had been mutated and re-arranged to create bogus alien-looking creatures.

Remains of Ancient Extraterrestrial Laboratory Discovered in China

Thirteen years ago, a group of Chinese researchers located and explored an ancient structure so unusual that an extraterrestrial hypothesis was promptly taken into consideration.

The fascinating ruins were discovered in the remote wilderness that makes up most of the intersection between China’s Qinghai province and the Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. Throughout history, humans have seldom settled in this harsh and inhospitable area. Only occasionally, migrant herdsmen pass through the mountainous regions to the north.

No industrial facilities can be found in the zone, much less the remnants of civilizations with advanced metalworking capabilities…


This weird crater on the moon is being described as an ‘alien city’

An infamous UFO hunter has claimed that an alien city has been built inside a crater on the moon.

Scott C. Waring said a weird reflective material seen at the centre of Reiner Crater was created by extraterrestrials.

He wrote: ‘At the centre of the city is a glowing orb. The city is made of massive black tunnels the move in every direction but they vary in size from 2km wide to a few hundred metres wide.

‘Below this mass of black structures is more of the city, which is sealed underground. Ever hear the story of Atlantis and how at the centre of the city was a great diamond which was the power source for the entire culture? Perhaps Atlantis never sank, but instead flew to another planet, where we see it now.’

Of course, just because the crater is gleaming, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s an extraterrestrial settlement.

Asteroids are known to contain all sorts of gleaming materials including metals or even diamonds, so we could be looking at the remnants of an object that smashed into the moon.

Nasa spotted a huge crater on Mars and named it the ‘Chryse Alien Head’, it emerged recently.

The space agency said the hole ‘resembled a bug-eyed head’ and was spotted by the Mars Global Surveyor in an area ‘not too far’ from the site where the Viking 1 probe landed on 1975.

It was probably caused by an asteroid impact, but the eyes may have formed during a mysterious flood way back in the history of Mars or been carved by wind or water erosion.

The Huge Underground Reptilian City found In Los Angeles

In Los Angeles USA a mining engineer named Warren Shufelt was inspecting the area for oil gold and other valuable materials using a new device that he himself had invented.

Shufelt was extremely puzzled one day, as he took readings near downtown Los Angeles. His instruments showed him what appeared to be a pattern of underground tunnels, so he proceeded to draw a map what he discovered. It appeared to be a well-planned subterranean labyrinth with large rooms located at several points gold deposits inside chambers and corridors.

Some of the tunnels traveled 30 kilometres underground, which he believed were only used for ventilation. Unfortunately, Shufelt had no idea that they were connected to the oldest ruins of an even larger city that was covered by the Pacific Ocean thousands of years ago during a great earthquake and subsequent floods the underground complex.

“I paused to read every word Now this was an awesome video. It helps make sense of so many things, Sylvia’s newearth channel, the Phoenix Lights visit to the Hopi, the google earth images of catacomb-like sructured off the Socal coast, the archeological evidence of sulfur fires from the sky at the Sodom Gamorrah and related sites. There clearly was a worldwide advanced civilization here in recent centuries or millennia.”

“What a trip. I have lived in the Los Angeles area all my life and have never heard that story before. Maybe someone will get interested discovering them someday. My hunch is that if the exploration shafts were filled in by the city they found something they didn’t like or scared them; enough to fill them in. I wonder what it was? Perhaps the Reptilians that are still living under our planet today made an appearance to to the city government and demanded that they stop all of their explorations or there would be retribution and payment for this act. That must have scarred the sh–t out of them.”

Russia Pounds ANUNNAKI Encampment (2018-2019)

The Kremlin has spun yet another elaborate yarn in hopes of obscuring Vladimir Putin’s private war against a malevolent race of extraterrestrials called the Anunnaki. On Saturday, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported that one of its fighter jets—an SU-25—was shot down in the Idlib province of Syria. Tahrir al-Sham, the extremist group linked to Al-Nusra terrorists, purportedly claimed responsibility, saying the band of freedom fighters had downed the aircraft using an American-made Stinger missile.

Our source, former KGB agent Strelnikov Isaac Stepanovich, says the official story is a smokescreen hiding a weary president’s struggles to cleanse the Earth of hostile visitors. According to Stepanovich, the Su-25 was conducting aerial surveillance on a suspected Anunnaki compound when it came under fire by direct energy weapons. The pilot ejected, and the aircraft plunged into the ground.

“Many people believe Putin is in Syria to bolster al-Assad’s regime, but it goes much deeper. The Anunnaki have been in Syria for a long time, and Putin tries to prevent the vermin from infesting other nations. There are many stories in Syria about the tall men entering villages at night and taking away the children. Because of the war, there are many orphaned, helpless children. These children are never seen again, and their stories are never reported. When the Ministry of Defense learned that tall men were spotted abducting children near Idlib, Putinordered an investigation, suspecting Anunnaki interference.”

Stepanovich said Russia used conventional aircraft because—after a previous encounter—the Anunnaki had apparently invented a means of masking themselves from satellite surveillance. The SU-25, he added, flew over an abandoned munitions factory and began photographing a squad of seven-to-fifteen foot tall humanoids lurking near the compound. The pilot reported his findings only seconds before a “green energy beam” sliced the airframe in half.

“The pilot was heard saying he was ejecting, and that was it,” Stepanovich said. “The official report says he survived the ejection but was later killed by terrorists. Fact is, the Anunnaki tore him limb from limb.”

In retaliation, Vladimir Putin ordered a massive airstrike on the encampment. Sorties of SU-30s and SU-34s slammed the Anunnaki stronghold with a combination of standoff and close-range munitions, bombarding the villainous extraterrestrials using a mixture of conventional weapons and, Stepanovich said, a proprietary technology known to be effective in killing the Anunnaki scourge. The facility was reduced to rubble, and a post battlefield damage assessment revealed no survivors. The blast incinerated everything and everyone.

Asked if Putin showed concern for missing children that might have been held captive at the factory, Stepanovich said, “President Putin loves children. He has two legitimate daughters and I won’t say any more than that. But make no mistake—this is war. There are more Anunnaki around, and avoiding collateral damage is impossible.”

Last night, the Ministry of Defense released camera footage of the carnage. It purportedly shows the destruction of the facility as well as humanoid targets attempting to flee the area. Scrutiny of the footage in parallel with digital forensic analysis, however, suggests the intended targets were anything but human.

“When we look at playback it’s very hard to determine size of a signature on screen. Obviously it’s dark and we’re looking at infra-red or night vision images. So, the Kremlin compares the video against archival footage of engagements against human targets. In doing so, they reached the conclusion these were large than human sized targets. Also, the video shows a fleeing target. We know the size of the size of the area, and we can see how far it ran before being struck. Based on this, simple math illustrates the target was sprinting at 65kph, too fast for any human.”

In contrast, in 2010, Olympian Usain bolt was clocked at 44.7 kph, the highest human sprinting speed ever recorded.

In closing, we asked Stepanovich why Putin doesn’t come clean and tell the world about his war on the Anunnaki, to which he replied, “There are many reasons. Primary among them is the Russian Orthodox Church. It has begged Putin to conceal this information, fearing knowledge of the Anunnaki and their origins would shatter tenets of Russian faith. Also, the first round of the presidential election begins in March. The church told Putin any such disclosure would compromise his reelection.”



Tutankhamun’s Dagger Is Made From “Alien Gold”?

During the reign of king Tut between 1333 BC and 1324 BC, the understanding of iron metallurgy, or indeed the casting of such objects was very limited.

Iron smelting is the extraction of usable metal from oxidized iron ores.

It is vastly more difficult than smelting tin and copper, such metals could be cold-worked in simple pottery kilns, and then cast into moulds, a process largely accepted as being present within ancient Egyptian times.

Pharaoh of Egypt,sci-fi concept,illustration painting

However, the smelting of iron requires hot-working, and can only be melted in specially designed extremely heated furnaces.

It is therefore not surprising that humans only mastered iron smelting after several millennia of the bronze age.

However, there is a pair of relics, found within ancient Egypt, who’s sheer existence disprove the officially held, chronological account of when these hardened metals were developed.

Or do they? …


Source: Mystery History